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Winnipeg Lesbians
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December 2005
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I have no idea if this community is active..or if anyone checks it..but

I just came out of the closet as a lesbian a few months ago. I came out as Bi a while ago, but I recently discovered that I just wanted to be with women. So umm yeah...

I am looking to meet new girls and make some friends.

I'm currently single and attending the University of Manitoba. I am 19..

So if anyone wants to chat feel free to email me or add me to MSN..My email is


So umm, yeah..

Looking forward to talking to the members of this community.

Current Mood: nervousnervous

Pleased to make your aquaintence.

There is another community for winnipeg women that is a bit more active.
[Unknown LJ tag]

The two were formed at roughly the same time and the other one seems to have a younger and more active membership if you'd prefer.

Let me try that again.

If it doesn't work it's wpg_lesbians

If that doesn't work you can link it through my journal.

Sorry about my lack of html.

Hello there! *waves*

Hey *waves back*

Do you go to the RPM on campus? I used to spend a lot of time in that room when I was still at the U of M.

Yeah, I go there all the time. It's a nice place.